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Aug. 2017 Tips & Tricks (Aug. 22, 2017)

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Accounting Tip: Troubleshooting Out-of-Balance Financial Statements

Is your financial statement out of balance? Try these simple ways to discover what's causing this issue.

  1. Run San/Verify Parameters. This will show any account that is not pulling to the statement or pulling more than once.
  2. Divide the out of balance figure in half and look for that amount on your trial balance. If you find this figure, flip the parameter in the financial statement.
  3. Look line by line to see if each account is pulling to the line on the financial statement.

Additional help for individual franchises can be found here in the Help Center. Just click on the User Guides button on the Help Center home screen and select your franchise from the OEM section within User Guides. These manuals will give you a more in-depth guide to troubleshooting an out of balance financial statement. 



Balancing a Financial Statement (Webinar)

Printing the Fiscal Year Trial Balance


Fixed Ops Tip: Using the Enhanced Counter Parts Sales Workflow

Autosoft has added the Counter Sales Workflow enhancement to the Parts system. With this feature enabled, when you enter a part number in the Part Number field of this screen or click on a part number within an active invoice, a pop-up opens at the bottom of the screen in place of the existing invoice information area. This pop-up is designed to reduce the keystrokes necessary for entering parts in the invoice and shortening counter parts point-of-sale processes. Once enabled, it will be invoked whether the user is manually entering a part number or using a barcode scanner to enter the part.

To enable the Counter Sales Workflow, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Setup & Updates.

Step 2. The System Setup & Updates menu will open. Select More Operating Defaults.

Step 3. On the System Setup screen, locate the Use Enhanced Counter Parts Sales Workflow field in the "This Section is Common to All Sources" box. Enter a Y in the field to use the enhancement. 


Step 4. Click Save. The feature will be enabled on your computer.



Resending a Parts Counter Slip to Accounting Integrated Parts Sales Screen

Purging Stale Prewrites


Sales and F&I Tip: Eliminate Scrolling on the New Desking Screen

Recent enhancements to the Desking screen within the new Autosoft DMS platform's Sales application allow users to see the entire Desking screen--including the payment--without scrolling. 

On smaller monitors (such as those with 768-pixel height resolutions), you may still need to collapse the Deal Summary Card at the top of the page to eliminate scrolling. Simply click the large blue caret next to the deal number at the top of the screen to collapse the card. Once collapsed, you will see all deal information on one screen without scrolling. The system will remember that you collapsed this Deal Summary Card and automatically collapse the card of any future deals unless you choose to expand them again using the caret.




Sharing a Page with Another User

Following a Business Item


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