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Autosoft DMS Release 7.4.4 (Aug. 21, 2017)

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The Autosoft FLEX DMS 7.4.4 release contains a variety of enhancements and modifications to improve your DMS user experience, as well as several minor bug fixes.  


Password requirements added for most Miscellaneous Maintenance menu options
Benefit:  This improvement will protect your data and save you from catastrophic errors by preventing you from beginning a process without an Autosoft Customer Success Center representative providing a daily password and walking you through every step of the process.
Details:  When you click any option (except Resequence Detail Forward Schedule) on the Miscellaneous Maintenance menu, an alert will prompt you to contact the Autosoft Customer Success Center for a daily password to enable the feature. Call 800.473.4630 for the password and support while using these options.


Year Field added to parameters for fiscal year dealers 
Benefit:  This improvement will clarify the labeling of fiscal year dealership's AP, AR, and ME files at month-end.  
Details:  For consistent labeling of files at month end for fiscal year dealerships, a Year field has been added to the Accounting Year Begins With Calendar Month line in the Miscellaneous Operating Parameters screen in the Accounting module. 


Upon entering Operating Parameters (Accounting>Setup>Operating Parameters), the year will default to "17" but can be edited. The fiscal year should be labeled with the year in which it ends. In accordance with the setup pictured above, files generated in C:\ASIME at the close of period 08 for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and the General Ledger will be labeled "0818." This includes the Stack Month-End. Please be mindful of the labeling of files generated in previous month-end closings, ensuring no two files will have duplicate file names. Autosoft recommends that all month-end files are backed up to an external device to ensure no data is lost.



Ford Manufacturer Suggested Installer Price (MSIP) improvements made
Benefit:  The new MSIP field in the Supplemental Part Data screen within Master Inventory provides a guide for determining competitive wholesale customer pricing.
Details:  Ford will be adding an MSIP (Manufacturer Suggested Installer Price) field to its price tape for Motorcraft and Omnicraft parts beginning September 1, and this enhancement will accommodate that new field. The price is internal-only and will not be displayed for customer view. 

If the price tape includes MSIP pricing for a part, the MSIP field on the Supplemental Part Data screen will automatically populate with that pricing. The part's MSIP pricing will also be displayed in the Trade field on the Master Inventory screen. 


If the price tape does not include an MSIP for a part, the Trade field on the Master Inventory screen will display the National Fleet Price (NFP) found on the part's Supplemental Part Data screen. If neither the MSIP or NFP figures are present on the price tape, the Trade field will display a price based on the "If the 'Trade Price' is missing on the tape, this price will be computed as a discount from List using" parameter set on the OEM Price Tape Update Defaults screen (Setup & Updates>Price Tape Updates>Default Tape Parameters). 



Mitchell integration upgraded from Mitchell1 OnDemand5/Snap-on ShopKey5 to Mitchell1 ProDemand/Snap-on ShopKeyPro
Get more thorough OEM repair information in an intuitive, easily navigated design.
Current Mitchell1 subscribers can access the new ProDemand/ShopKeyPro integration. After downloading the Autosoft DMS 7.4.4 release, each user will have to take a few steps to make the transition to the upgraded integration. The following steps are only required the first time a user accesses the ProDemand or ShopKeyPro. Any subsequent uses of the integration will be seamless. 

Step 1. When on Service Quoting or Repair order screens, click the ProDemand button, which will have replaced the OnDemand5 button.

Repair Orders Screens

Service Quoting Screen

Step 2. An Outside Quoting Login pop-up screen will open. Use the Outside Quoting Application field to select OnDemand5/ProDemand or ShopKey5/ShopKeyPro. 


Step 3. Enter your username and password for your dealership's Mitchell1 account. You may wish to click the Save Password checkbox to save your username and password for ease of use in the future.

Step 4. Click Login

If you have trouble with your Mitchell1 username or password, please contact Mitchell1, as Autosoft does not have access to your Mitchell1 account information.

Repair Orders menu option label changed
Benefit:  The label change from "Customer History" to "Customer Information" makes it clearer to users what type of information the coordinating screen contains.
Details:  Autosoft has changed the "Customer History" label on the Repair Orders menu to "Customer Information" to match the name of the screen that opens when the menu option is selected.



Other Updates:


  • Adjustments have been made to improve the performance of the Check Register Print Reconciliation option, including the option to combine or separate checks and deposits when printing the check reconciliation. 
  • An issue has been addressed to prevent an error from occurring when filtering data on the View Reprinted Repair Orders screen. 
  • Modifications have been made to prevent Purchase Journal transactions from being processed when required information is missing. A warning will alert the user, and the transaction will be cleared so the information can be entered correctly and completely. 
  • Changes ensure that after the AR and GL are closed for month-end, if a partial payment is applied to a detail forward trade receivables account and the AR and GL are closed again, the trade receivables account history will display correctly without duplication.
  • Updates ensure document numbers are maintained in the schedule's View Detail screen when documents that have been posted to a detail forward schedule are moved.  
  • An adjustment has been made to improve the posting period recording in data files. 
  • Modifications ensure that payments made to 1099 accounts payable vendors out of miscellaneous checks post and clear correctly.
  • The use of the ^ caret to mark an accounts payable vendor as requiring a 1099 has been discontinued, as the system now processes all detail forward vendors the same way, regardless of 1099 status. 
  • Modifications have been made to adjust the memo count on a sale account in a vehicle sale adjustment if the general ledger account number has been changed in the transaction.
  • Updates to the system have improved communication between the Ford OWS application and the Accounting module.


  • The end of the Cashier Daily Summary report now includes the Total Cash Receipts RO/CS line, as well as the general ledger account set up for cash sales. The line summarizes the total cash receipts (cash and check) for repair orders and counter slips. This separates customer receipts (cash on hand) from cash sales.

Desk Manager

  • A modification has improved the performance of the vehicle filtering feature on the View Inventory screen.


  • An update prevents users from crediting a counter slip multiple times. 
  • Modifications prevent error messages from occurring when entering counter sales on a newly installed DMS.
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure the Part Information clears from the Customer Quote screen after clicking Save Only and opening a different quote. 
  • Adjustments prevent the Print & Save and Save Only buttons from being obscured when the user clicks the green arrow in the Customer Quote screen's Part Information box to collapse the box.
  • Updates ensure that parts kit pricing displays correctly when dumping a parts kit from the Parts Queries screen to a repair order.
  • An issue has been resolved to prevent an error from occurring when the system attempts to read an obsolete file.
  • Improvements have been made to the sort functionality within the Prior Months Part Sales report.   
  • Modifications improve how tire tax is processed in both the Parts and Service modules.
  • An update ensures that a customer email entered in a new quote is retained when the quote is saved and then opened from the Active Customer Quotes list.


  • An update clarifies the warning message when creating a new employee record in the Edit W-2 Data screen. To create a new customer record, you will type the employee number, TAB or ENTER to the next field, and click OK when the warning alerts you that you are creating a new record. You can then continue to build the employee W-2 data.
  • A warning has been added to notify a user attempting to run a FICA/MC Total Wages or FUTA/SUTA Total Wages report when no pays have been posted for the current year. The alert gives the user the option to use the prior year's data if available or canceling the operation.


  • An update has improved the performance of the Additional Techs button's time unit reporting on the Close Service screen.
  • Modifications have improved reporting on the ERO Tech report when a repair is reassigned before finalizing.
  • Adjustments ensure proper technician time unit reporting in the Flagged Time report, Technician Time report, and Repair Order History when multiple technicians punch in on a repair. 
  • A change has been made to remove alphabetical suffixes added to repair order numbers in the Edit Technician Time Flags screen to eliminate confusion. 
  • Updates have been made to enhance the Service Schedule Web Appointment Integration's communication with the DMS.
  • Modifications ensure column headers and appointment slots are not truncated when the Service Schedule screen is resized. 
  • An issue has been resolved to prevent an error code from displaying when opening Service Schedule.
  • The document label in the upper-right corner of the View Quote printout from the Review & Print screen accessible from the Service Quoting menu has been changed from "Service Invoice" to "Service Quote" for clarity. 
  • An "in use" message will be triggered when multiple users are accessing an active repair order and one attempts to dump a service quote to the RO. This eliminates the need to rebuild the file to incorporate the change. 
  • An update ensures that your default Writer ID populates the screen when pulling a previously pulled prewrite.
  • A change ensures that the customer email, if entered, is included when printing prewrites from the Print Prewrites option on the Miscellaneous Daily Reports menu (Service>Daily R/O Update>Daily Reports/Prewrites).
  • A modification has improved the performance of the Primary Contact Method field when viewing appointment details and printing the schedule and no-shows in the Service Schedule application.
  • A change ensures that lubricant information entered at the close of a repair order is retained when viewing the repair order from history.
  • An adjustment ensures that old repair order data is cleared from the system data files and Repair Order History when repair order numbers recycle, preventing any old repair order data that may not have cleared from appearing in the new repair order of the same number. 
  • Modifications have improved the process for applying password-protected manual discounts on repair lines.
  • Improvements have been made to the filter feature in the Active R/Os page. When the user presses a letter on the keyboard, individuals with the same first letter of the last name will appear. If the individual field is not used, customers with the same first letter of the name in the Name field populate the list. 
  • When printing repair orders, the document now lists both the vehicle's In Service and Delivery dates.
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure the Counterman ID field displays correctly when dumping parts to the order queue using a repair order number as the document. 
  • Modifications ensure page numbers display correctly on service quotes.
  • An update better sorts parts added to individual repair lines in a Ford warranty repair order so parts are only visible in the secondary warranty screen for the repair line to which they were added.
  • Adjustments allow users to print and close Customer Participation on a Ford warranty repair order when the customer participation amount is less than $1.00. 
  • Changes ensure that information imported from the Nissan Customer Search populates the correct fields in the DMS Start Repair Order screen.
  • Issues have been addressed to improve the transmission of Subaru warranty repair order information from Autosoft to Subaru. 
  • Updates have improved the Volkswagen Warranty interface's performance when newer claim types are entered.



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