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Applying Parts Expanded Security Level Defaults

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Note:  To access the Passwords menu within the Accounting module, the Accounting module administrator must grant you access and assign a password to you. Only the options that you have permission to access will be clickable. All other options will be grayed out.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Utilities. The Utilities menu will open. 


Step 2. Select Passwords. The Passwords menu will open.


Step 3. On the Passwords menu, click Parts Expanded.

Step 4. You will be prompted to enter a master password. If you have established one, enter it in the Master Password field. If you have not set a master password, the screen will notify you that the password is set to “NONE.” In this case, press ENTER. The Operator Parts Passwords screen will open.


Step 5. Complete the user information at the top of the Operator Parts Passwords screen and establish a password for the user. (See Creating Parts Expanded Passwords for detailed steps.)

Step 6. Click Apply Default.

Step 7. Choose the appropriate security level for the employee from the Security Level pop-up screen.


Step 8. The employee’s profile will change to match the password permissions set in the level default. If you would like to tailor the password access rights for the individual employee, check or uncheck any necessary boxes on any of the tabs. These changes will only apply to the employee whose profile you are viewing. They do not affect the default security level settings.

Step 9. Check the Void A Document option if you wish to allow the employee to void documents.

Tip:  Autosoft does not recommend granting permission to void documents to any users other than those with the highest security clearance. When such information is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. Therefore, Autosoft recommends you only trust a select few with this functionality.  

Step 10. Check the Crossover Parts To Service option if you wish for the employee to be able to cross from Parts to Service and back by clicking S and P, respectively. Use the drop-down menu below the box to choose the employee from the list. The employee must be listed in both departments to be applicable for this functionality.

Step 11. Click Save.

Step 12. Repeat steps 5 through 11 for each employee to whose profile you would like to apply the security level settings.

Step 13. Provide each user with his or her unique password. When users click on Parts from the FLEX DMS startup menu, they will be asked to enter a password. They will enter their unique password, and the Parts module will open with any options that have been blocked from the individual user based on their password profile grayed out and inaccessible.

Note:  The expanded passwords established for a user of the Parts module will override any existing passwords set for that user.



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