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Creating Multi-Level Passwords

Autosoft -

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Utilities. The Utilities menu will open. 


Step 2. Select Passwords. The Passwords menu will open.


Step 3. From the Passwords menu, click System Multi-Level.

Step 4. A popup will prompt you for a master password. If you do not have one established, the system will notify you as such and ask you to simply press ENTER. However, if you have a password in place to protect your system passwords, enter it on this popup screen.


Step 5. The Passwords screen will open to the System Startup Menu tab. Enter a different password for each Autosoft DMS module you would like to password protect. The passwords can contain any combination of up to five alphabetical and/or numeric characters.


Step 6. Use the Accounting Main Menu and Posting ID Passwords tabs at the top of the screen to establish multi-level passwords to be used to access the Accounting Main Menu sections and when posting.

Step 7. Click Save. Your startup passwords will now be active. Be sure to provide the users within each department with the respective password for the corresponding module in the Autosoft DMS.

Note:  Any existing passwords set for users of each module will still be required with the multi-level password. If an option is password protected, the user will be asked to enter his or her password to access that option. 



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