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Creating General Manager Passwords

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Use the General Manager button on the Passwords menu to enter the passwords for the General Manager module. You must create passwords to use the General Manager program. The screen has six tabs. Each tab represents an area in the General Manager program. You specify which areas the user can access. For the Cashflow tab (Fixed Coverage and Schedules), you can restrict the user from accessing information for general ledger accounts, and you can specify which daily DOCs the user can view.

Note:  To access the Passwords menu within the Accounting module, the Accounting module administrator must grant you access and assign a password to you. Only the options that you have permission to access will be clickable. All other options will be grayed out.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Utilities. The Utilities menu will open. 


Step 2. Select Passwords. The Passwords menu will open.

Step 3. On the Passwords menu, click General Manager.

Step 4. You will be prompted to enter a master password. If you have established one, enter it in the Master Password field. If you have not set a master password, the screen will notify you that the password is set to “NONE.” In this case, press ENTER. The General Manager Operator Passwords menu will open.

Step 5. In the Password field, type the password you want to assign to a user. The password can be up to five alphanumeric characters.

Step 6. In the Name field, type the operator’s name.

Step 7. In Close Program In __ Minutes Of No Activity, specify the amount of time that the program can remain inactive before it closes automatically.

Step 8. The New Password field is used to change an existing password while maintaining the settings set at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9. Tabs represent the General Manager main menu and each submenu the operators can access in the General Manager module. Each tab houses selections for each button on the menu. The administrator can grant or restrict access to an area. By default, all items on this screen will be checked, which allows the operator access to all areas of the General Manager program. Click to uncheck a selection and restrict access to that area. The button is unavailable (“grayed out”) on the menu when it opens.

Step 10. Click Save to save the password and settings. The password and operator information is displayed in a list in the top right corner of the screen. Click on an operator in the list to view and edit the settings as needed.

Step 11. Click Back to return to the Passwords screen.

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