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Establishing Service Expanded Security Level Defaults

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You can create default settings that will help to expedite password setup. With defaults, you can create up to five different levels of access based on employee role and security clearance. Once these defaults are established, you can use them to create basic profiles for employees based on role by simply applying a default. Once a default is assigned to a user, changes to those default access settings can be made on an individual user’s profile. Those changes will not affect any other users with that default setting.

Step 1. From the Accounting main menu, select Utilities


Step 2. Select Passwords from the Utilities menu. 


Step 3. On the Passwords menu, click Service Expanded.


Step 4. You will be prompted to enter a master password. If you have established one, enter it in the Master Password field. If you have not set a master password, the screen will notify you that the password is set to “NONE.” In this case, press ENTER.

Step 5. To set profile defaults to apply to groups of employees, click Set Defaults. You do not have to select an employee to set defaults.


Step 6. The Default Security Levels screen will open with nothing checked. To tailor a security level, click Level 1.

Step 7. All of the boxes on the screen will automatically be checked except the Delete boxes under Customer Information and R/O History.


Step 8. Determine if you would like Level 1 to be your highest level of access, such as Service Manager, with each subsequent level requiring less access, or vice versa. Uncheck any of the features to which you do not want employees of this particular level to have access.

Tip:  If you wish employees of this level to be able to delete customer information and repair order history, check the Delete boxes under Customer Information and R/O History. Autosoft does not recommend granting this permission to any users other than those with the highest security clearance. When a customer or R/O history is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. Therefore, to protect your data, Autosoft recommends you only trust a select few with this functionality.

Step 9. When you’re done setting up the profile for the level, click Save.

Step 10. Repeat Steps 5 through 9 for each level for which you would like to establish a profile.

Step 11. Click Close to return to the Operator Service Passwords screen.


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