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Adding Accounting Expanded Passwords

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Use the Operator Accounting Passwords screen to assign passwords to individuals who have access to the Accounting module. This allows each operator to have a specific, unique password instead of all of the operators using one generic password. The expanded password parameters also allow you to select which areas of the Accounting module each operator can access. Restricted areas are unavailable (“grayed out”). 

You can create up to five security levels with settings tailored for the individual security levels. When creating user IDs, you can pull the security level you want to set so you do not have to manually edit each field. This makes adding IDs and settings easier. Once you’ve assigned a security level to a user, you can fine-tune the security level permissions for that individual user.

You will create alpha-character user IDs here. Autosoft recommends that you use the user's initial as his or her user ID when possible. This makes it easier to remember the ID assigned to each user and to identify the IDs on reports. All alpha characters will be lowercase letters.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Utilities. The Utilities menu will open. 


Step 2. Select Passwords. The Passwords menu will open.


Step 3. From the Passwords menu, click Accounting Expanded.

Step 4. A popup will prompt you for a master password. If you do not have one established, the system will notify you as such and ask you to simply press ENTER. However, if you have a password in place to protect your system passwords, enter it on this popup screen.


Step 5. The Operator Accounting Passwords screen will open. In Password, type the password you want to assign one of the operators. The password can be up to five alphanumeric characters.


Step 6. In Name, type the operator’s name.

Step 7. In Operator ID, type the ID (a through z). When possible, use the user's initial as the ID. This will make it easier to assign and identify the ID. The alpha characters default to lowercase letters. You cannot change the case.

Tip:  If the user must have access to the Cashier module, you must assign the user a numeric Operator ID (1 through 9).

Step 8. There are tabs for the Accounting main menu and each sub-menu the operators can access in Accounting (Journal Entries, Payroll, etc.). On each tab, there are selections for each button on the menu. The administrator can grant or restrict access to an area. The default for this screen is that all items are selected, which allows the operator access to all areas of the Accounting module. Removing a checkmark from a selection restricts access to that area. The button is unavailable (“grayed out”) on the menu when it opens.

Step 9. Click Save to save the password and settings.

Step 10. The password and operator’s name is displayed in a list in the top right corner of the screen. Click an operator in the list to view and edit the settings when necessary.

Step 11. Continue to add passwords as needed.

Step 12. Click Exit to return to the Passwords menu.

Tip:  The New Password field is used to change an existing password while keeping the settings established at the bottom of the screen.



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