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Understanding System Multi-Level Passwords

Autosoft -

System multi-level passwords are the startup passwords necessary to access the individual Autosoft DMS modules from the startup menu. Enter a different specific password of up to five alphanumeric characters for each of the modules you wish to protect. You must then share each module’s password with all the users who must access that portion of Autosoft DMS. When a user clicks on Accounting, Service, Parts, or any of the other options in the Autosoft DMS Startup menu for which you establish a system multi-level password, the user will be prompted to enter the appropriate password to access that module.


The screen has three tabs. The first tab is used to set passwords for the complete Autosoft DMS system. Each field corresponds to a menu option on the Autosoft DMS main menu. The second tab is used to set passwords for the Accounting module. Each field corresponds to a menu option on the Dealership Accounting main menu. The third tab of the screen is used to set operator ID passwords used for posting journal transactions. This is used to set passwords for user IDs 1 through 9. If you prefer to use alpha characters as the user IDs, you will need to use the Accounting Expanded menu option.

Passwords can be up to five characters long, and can contain both alpha and numeric characters. A blank field or a password of “None” allows all users to have access to an area. If you press ENTER to advance through a field, “None” automatically populates as the password.

Entering passwords on this screen allows users to have access to all of the options within individual modules, provided the user knows the corresponding password. If you want to restrict access to individual options for each operator, you can do so by using the Accounting Expanded, Service Expanded, and Parts Expanded menu options. 



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