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Autosoft DMS 7.4.3 Release (June 28, 2017)

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The Autosoft FLEX DMS 7.4.3 release contains a variety of enhancements and modifications to improve your DMS user experience, as well as several minor bug fixes.  


Vehicle Corrections in Service Push to Vehicle Accounting Records
Benefit:  This enhancement will save you time and headaches by allowing any errors in the Accounting module's vehicle records to easily be caught and corrected when a VIN decode is performed during an internal repair by your Service team.
Details:  If an error was made while purchasing a vehicle into your inventory and resulted in an incorrect year, make, or model, any corrected information that results from using the VIN Decode and Update Customer buttons in a Repair Order screen within the Service module during an internal repair will automatically be pushed into Accounting to correct the vehicle record.

This feature will work as it always has for your Service team; it will simply pull any corrected information into the Accounting module. To take advantage of this feature, the Service user simply runs the VIN decode (by clicking the vehicle icon to the right of the VIN) on a repair order screen. If the information returned differs from what is on file in the vehicle record, the user clicks the Update Customer button in the lower-right corner of the VIN Decoder pop-up.  


"Ship To" Section Added to Customer Quote Screen
  Add a shipping address for parts quote customers to easily access the information if the quote results in a sale.
As on the Counter Parts Sales screen, a "Ship To" tab can now be found below "Bill To" in the Customer area of the screen. When you click on Ship To, the Customer List button on the bottom of the screen will be changed to read "Ship To List." Click Ship To List to select or create a shipping address for the quote customer.

Type the shipping address and phone number for the customer. To select an address, click on the address in the right column and click Select. The shipping address will populate the Ship To section of the Customer Quote screen. 



Parameter Added to Print Legal Entity Name on Payroll Checks
Benefit:  Easily print the name and address of your dealership's legal employing entity on payroll checks with a simple parameter setting.
Details:  We've added the Use W-3 Company Information parameter to the Printer Setup screen for Payroll. By entering Y for yes in this field, you will ensure that your payroll checks will include the dealership's legal entity name and address as entered for W-3 purposes.



Call-out Improvements Made for 3Cs in Add Labor Screen within Service Quoting
 Quickly identify the complaint, cause, and cure fields on Service quotes and enter information into the correct fields with a glance.   
Call-out headers have been added to the Complaint, Cause, and Cure fields on the Add Labor screen and within the Service Quoting application to allow for the easy identification of each set of fields and reduce possible errors. 

Desc. Entry Field Expanded in Trouble/Fail Codes Screen
 Create more thorough Complaint descriptions for use when adding to repair orders.   
The Desc. (Description) field on the Trouble/Fail Codes screen has been expanded from a single line to four lines. You can access the Trouble/Fail Codes screen using the Trouble/Condition Codes option on the Service module's System Setup menu. The information you enter in the Desc. field for a trouble code on this screen will populate the Complaint field on repair orders when the code is selected. 

Complaint Entry Field Expanded in Enter Service Menu Ops Screen
 Establish fuller Complaint descriptions to accompany service conditions on repair orders.   
The Complaint Lines fields on the Enter Service Menu Ops screen has been expanded from three lines to four. The Enter Service Menu Ops screen is accessible from the Enter Service Menu Operations option on the Service module's System Setup menu. The complaint description you enter in the Complaint Lines field represents a typical complaint that would accompany the service condition for which you are creating a code. The complaint description will be pulled to repair orders when the associated service condition code is selected while closing repair orders.  

Other Updates:


  • A change prevents the system from erring while working within the Select Invoices To Pay screen when editing the generated AP batch checklist within Disbursements. 
  • Modifications to the Payment History screen have been made to note when multiple invoices have been paid with a single check to Balance Forward vendors. The individual invoices are tallied in the Db. column, and a (+) notation follows the accounts payable transaction description in the Desc column.
  • An adjustment allows users with either alphabetical or numeric user IDs to post entries to and from the holding journal if their permissions allow. 
  • Improvements have been made to ensure that the Cashier button on the Post Daily Entries to Journals screen is not highlighted in red (indicating active data is waiting to be processed) after running the daily receipts update for a single operator ID within the Cashier module. 
  • An update prevents a disruption to the system's sequential counter when you change the document number of the first line in a deposit entry. 
  • An error has been resolved to improve communication between the module and GM. 
  • Modifications ensure that any items posted in the Ford Factory Receivable Statement screen during a month retain their "Posted" status when the month is closed. 
  • An adjustment has been made to ensure the Current Month memo counts on the General Ledger Account History screen clear (or apply post-ahead counts if they exist) as they should for fiscal year dealers. 
  • Changes have been made to ensure overtime rates are included on checks when compiling employee pays in which the employee is paid out of two different departments. 
  • Notation (*) has been added to the right of account detail records on the Vehicle Sales Fastats screen to indicate if the Over Allowance general ledger account is the same as the Cost general ledger account.
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure that Accounts Payable purchases made in the current month and paid and posted in a post-ahead month will show with invoice detail even when using the Print AP Schedule option without post-aheads.
  • Modifications ensure that the correct date appears on the printed report when you select the Print All Journal Data Available option on the Month-End Journals menu. 
  • Updates improve the performance of the Print Journal Entries For ID option on the Journal Utilities menu when the user ID is alphabetical and post-aheads are included. 
  • TAB key functionality has been improved on the Purchase Journal Entries screen to ensure the Invoice Date field is not skipped when tabbing through the screen. 
  • A warning message has been added to alert you when you're about to post an entry with a duplicate document number that may result in posting errors if reversed. This message has been added in every instance where the duplicate document displays, including the Sales Journal Entries, General Journal Entries, Purchase Journal Entries, Receipts Journal Entries, Deposits/EFTs, and Clean Schedules screens.
  • An update prevents attempted sales adjustments on dealer trades on the Vehicle Sales Adjustment screen, thereby preventing out-of-balance posting. A warning prompts the user, reading, "The Dealer Trade and Inventory Accounts must be adjusted manually! Please proceed to the General Entry screen to make adjustments." When the user clicks OK to clear the message, the amount entered in the Adjusted Field clears. The user must navigate to the General Journal Entry screen to make the adjustment.
  • A modification has been made to improve the performance of the up arrow key on the General Journal Entries screen to prevent inadvertent screen clearing.
  • An update to the Cash Receipts screen has ensured late charge details are retained as entered after batch posting cash receipts for detail forward Accounts Receivable customers with account balances and recalling the transaction to the screen. 
  • An issue has been addressed to prevent an erroneous out-of-balance message from appearing when printing the detail forward schedule for an account.
  • A change to the Vehicle Purchases screen allows users to purchase a vehicle with a VIN of any length. This is helpful in the case of recreational vehicles and other similar vehicles with non-standard VINs.
  • An update prevents issues when viewing document detail posted to balance forward schedules. 
  • An issue has been resolved to ensure that customer participation figures are displayed correctly for Ford warranty claims when viewing repair order history through Integrated Entries (Service Sales). 
  • Modifications ensure that the Vehicle Deposits account number entered in the Cashier setup is correctly pulling to the Credit side of customer receipts for Car Deals. 
  • An alert will notify you when repair orders transmitted through Integrated Service Sales have not been posted because the accounts they were to be posted to were marked as restricted in the General Ledger setup.


  • Changes have been made to ensure credit card information pulls to cashier receipts properly in the event that the first Credit Card field on the Cashier Parameters screen is left blank. 
  • An update ensures that a warning alerts the cashier when invoicing a repair order to an Accounts Receivable customer who has already exceeded their credit limit or will with that transaction.
  • Modifications ensure that the Vehicle Deposits account number entered in the Cashier setup is correctly pulling to the Credit side of customer receipts for Car Deals. 

Dealer Principal

  • Adjustments have been made to the View Information screen's F1/Help page to better clarify how the Total Vehicle figure is calculated.  

Desk Manager

  • An update prevents the system from freezing when viewing vehicle information in View Internals.


  • An issue has been resolved to prevent the Supersession Chain pop-up from erroneously displaying on the Parts Queries screen for an entered part number that has no supersession history.  
  • Adjustments prevent an error from occurring while running the monthly parts sales summary by subsource when one of the counter slips in the summary is a deposit. 
  • Modifications have been made to prevent GM pricetape pricing for collision parts from auto-populating when a user (who has entered N into the "Should Parts in this Source with No Trade or List Price use Dealer Defined Markup Percentages?" field on the OEM Price Tape Update screen) is receipting any collision parts into inventory using manual resupply.
  • An update ensures Parts operating taxing parameters are respecting various source settings. 
  • A change has been made to ensure that pricing for parts in parts kits is pulling from the correct source. 
  • Modifications have been made to guarantee that estimates printed from the Parts Queries screen print in PDF form on plain paper. 
  • Changes have addressed an issue to prevent the tax ID number for wholesale parts customers with AR accounts from becoming part of the customer name when the customer record is updated on the Counter Parts Sales screen.
  • An update ensures that the Last Activity field on the Master Inventory screen populates correctly after parts are stocked in.
  • Changes have been made to the Active Customer Quotes screen to better present the information. Column headings have been added and can be used to sort the quotes. 


  • An update to the List of Checks option allows you to print a list of more than 50 pays' compiled and printed checks.


  • Adjustments ensure that shop supplies fields selected in the Report Generator are maintained when reports are saved. 
  • Updates prevent hangups while running the ASI Usage Analytics Report for dealerships are using the Cloud Backup solution. 


  • An update has been made to the Repair Order Enter Conditions screen to ensure the Complaints field on this screen is consistent with improvements to the 3Cs text entry. Complaints for each repair line are limited to four lines of text regardless of pay type.  
  • Modifications ensure that all technicians assigned to individual jobs within an RO are listed on the ERO Dispatch screen.
  • Updates ensure that the Memo field on the Schedule Service and Start Repair Order screens populates correctly. 
  • Changes have been made to ensure sublet totals for individual lines in repair orders display correctly.
  • New warranty claim types (G14 and A1A) have been added to Volkswagen Warranty options for extended emissions warranties. 
  • Several updates have been made to the Subaru Warranty screen, including the expansion of the Exch/Serial/Inv# field from 12 to 30 characters in compliance with Subaru warranty requirements. 
  • Changes have been made to prevent an employee ID error when adding an advisor or technician for Nissan warranty repairs. 
  • Adjustments ensure the Flagged Time report correctly displays information when exported to Excel.
  • Modifications ensure that the default cities parameters entered for internal repair orders are performing as they should. 
  • An issue has been addressed to prevent an error message from displaying when opening the Start Repair Order screen. 
  • A warning has been added to the Close Service screen to prevent errors in Ford warranty repair order totals arising when the repair type is changed from customer participation to customer pay. 
  • Updates ensure that repair order numbers rollover to the correct starting number after reaching 99999.
  • A number of enhancements have been made to improve Web scheduling integration with the Service Schedule tool.
  • Adjustments have been made to guarantee repair orders open longer than 30 days will be included when running the end-of-day. 
  • A modification ensures shop supply figures are charged correctly on internal repairs. 
  • An issue causing repair orders to be off by the deductible tax amount has been resolved. 
  • An update ensures repair order numbers advance normally when prewrites are started for new customers. 
  • Reporting issues have been resolved for repair orders in which the service writer differs from the advisor to ensure credit is given to the correct parties in all pertinent reports. 
  • The Send ERO Parts Req at Dispatch parameter has been changed to require a Yes (Y)/No (N) entry.
  • Modifications ensure a customer's cellular number prints on the Service Prewrite when scheduling an appointment.



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