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May 2017 Tips and Tricks (May 12, 2017)

Autosoft -

Accounting Tip: Dealing With an ID 60 Error
Getting an ID 60 error while trying to close the month? This usually means that someone is in a file. 

To troubleshoot this: 

Step 1. Navigate to the startup menu of your FLEX DMS and select Settings & Utilities

Step 2. From the File Utilities & Settings menu, select File Rebuild Utility

Step 3. Click the option that coordinates to the DMS module you were working in when you received the error. A list of that module's files will populate on the right side of the screen.

Step 4. Look through the list for the file named in the error and click on the file name to select it.  

Step 5. In the pop-up that opens, select Rebuild

Step 6. If the file rebuilds, you will be able to close for the month.

If you get another error, this is a sign that someone is in that file. For instance, ADAI.DAT and AAAID.DAT are inventory files, so someone could be accessing a vehicle on their machine while working in the Desk Manager, Service, or Parts module.


Fixed Ops Tip: Printing a Second Copy of Repair Orders
If you need to print a second copy of repair orders to present to your customer before they leave the shop or for your Parts department, you can easily set up this functionality. The process will begin on the Service module's Miscellaneous Parameters screen.

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select System Setup.

Step 2. Select Miscellaneous Parameters from the System Setup menu. 

Step 3. Click the RO Printing tab at the top of the Miscellaneous Parameters screen. A list of parameters controlling repair order printing will open. 

Step 4. In line 14, Customer Copy With Hard Copy At Open, type Y for yes.


Step 5. Click Save to save your changes. 

Step 6. Navigate back to the Autosoft FLEX DMS startup screen and select Settings & Utilities

Step 7. Select Settings from the File Utilities & Settings menu. 

Step 8. Click on the Service tab of the Station Setup screen.

Step 9. Use the drop down menus next to CSI/Cust. Copy to choose the printer on which you want to print the extra copy and the tray from which the paper will feed, respectively. If you'll be using the additional copy for customer presentation purposes, you will need to place hard copy forms in the selected printer tray.


Sales and F&I Tip: Establishing Notification Settings
You can set parameters to determine what customer, vehicle, or deal activities trigger notifications to be delivered to your Collaboration Panel when you are watching or following an item. You do this in your user profile. 

Step 1. Click the Dashboard Application button in the main navigation bar. 

Step 2. When you're in the Dashboard app, click the Dashboard button again to reveal the Profile option. Click ProfileYour user profile will open to the Detail page. 

Step 3. Select Notifications from the horizontal button bar below your Profile Summary Card. The Notifications page of your user profile will open

Step 4. Use the Customer card to choose to receive notifications about watched customers. Click the checkbox to select it. You can click it again to clear the box.

To view your list of customer records you're following, click Watched Customers. You can stop following a customer record by clicking the gray X button to the right of the customer name in the list. 

Step 5. In the Sales card, check the boxes for the Sales app activities of which you want to be notified for followed deals.

Click the Watched Deals button to access a list of the deals you are currently following. You can stop watching a deal by clicking the gray X button to the right of the deal in the list. 

Step 6. Use the Vehicle card to choose the notifications you'll receive when updates are made to vehicle records. Click to check the box to the right of the activities you want to be notified of in any vehicle record you're following.

Click the Watched Vehicles button to view the list of vehicle records you're currently watching. To stop following a vehicle record, click the gray X button to the right of the vehicle in the list. 

Step 7. Click Save to save the changes you've made on the page. 


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