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June 2017 Tips & Tricks (June 8, 2017)

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Accounting Tip: Backing Up Your Data

The PDF file that you create in Month End (Stack Month-End Print) is NOT a backup. If you are hit with a virus, we cannot restore from this file. You MUST perform regular backups or subscribe to our Cloud Backup or Business Continuity services to prevent loss of data.  

Both our Cloud Backup and Business Continuity services will secure your data, save you time, and help you breathe easier with automatic data backup to the cloud. However, Autosoft’s Business Continuity service will go a step further with optional off-site data restoration so you can get back up and running even if your server is damaged or stops working.

You can find additional information on our website.

Fixed Ops Tip: Running the Declined Service Report

Use the Declined Service button to generate a list of declined services. This is based on the Declined box on the Close Service screen. The report uses the RO update date to generate the list.

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, click Followup & Marketing.

Step 2. On the Service Followup menu, click Miscellaneous Lists

Step 3. Click Declined Service on the Miscellaneous Lists menu. 

Step 4. Use the From Date and To Date fields to enter the date range you would like to use for the Declined Service Report. The date must be in an eight-digit format, with or without slashes (05012016 or 05/01/2016). If you do not include the slashes, you will have to press ENTER in each field to advance to the next field and begin the scanning process.

Step 5. When prompted to verify you would like to scan for the list, click OK

Step 6. The system displays a message indicating the list has been generated and identifying the number of repairs on the list. Click OK to acknowledge the message. 

Printing the Generated List

Step 1.  Click Print List.

Step 2.  When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select To Printer to print the information or To Screen to view the information on your screen. 

Step 3.  Click Print.


Print Labels 

Use this button to print labels for the customers on the list. The labels must measure 1-inch-by-4-inches. There should be two labels across the page and 10 labels down the page. We recommend the Avery 5161 labels. You can use the To Screen print option to preview your labels on screen before printing them, but you should print the labels using the To Printer option rather than printing them from the viewing screen.  This will ensure your labels align correctly.

Click Print Labels

Step 1.  Ensure that your labels are loaded into the appropriate tray in your printer.

Step 2. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select To Printer

Step 3.  Click Print.

FLEX F&I Tip: Using the Scenarios Tool

If you have elected to use the Scenarios tool in FLEX F&I, it’s easy to apply a scenario to an existing deal. Once the customer has accepted a scenario, follow these steps to apply it:

Step 1. Work the scenarios and while on the Scenarios screen, click the Apply to Deal button at the bottom of the scenario the customer has selected.

Step 2. A pop-up box will verify that you wish to apply the scenario to the deal and remove any unchecked adds and coverages, as well as allowances and payoff values of any unchecked trades. Click Apply.

The selected scenario will be applied to the deal, and the deal screen will reflect the options and numbers established in the scenario.

Sales and F&I Tip: Using the New Automatic VIN Decode Feature

The VIN explosion feature in Autosoft's Sales and F&I platform is loved by our customers because it allows them to easily include important vehicle information in their vehicle inventory. Autosoft recently made enhancements to this feature to make it even better by making the VIN explosion automatic. 

The VIN explosion is automatically triggered when a valid 17-digit VIN is entered in the VIN field. However, you must set a user preference to enable automatic VIN decoding. 

To set this up: 

Step 1. Click the Setup application button in the blue navigation bar on the left side of the Sales and F&I interface. The Dealership Information page will open. 

Step 2. Click the Settings button in the button bar below the Dealership Summary Card. The Dealership Settings page will open.

Step 3. Click the Automatic VIN Decode toggle to Yes.

Step 4. Click Save. The system will now automatically decode VINs when a valid VIN is entered in the VIN field.

You can still manually trigger the VIN explosion by clicking the Decode button next to the VIN field on any vehicle record.






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