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Saving Electronic Month-End Records

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The Electronic Month-End Records button on the Month-End Procedures menu advances you to the Month-End Electronic Records screen. You use this screen in conjunction with the Stack Month-End Print screen. If you select the “Print To PDF” or “To File” option when printing the Month-End Records, the system saves the information as a PDF file on the local hard drive, C:\ASIME (K:\ASIME for dealerships employing a hosted DMS solution). Several years of records can be maintained on the local drive. This screen allows you to burn the month-end files to a CD or flash drive for backup. Because the system backup does not include making a backup of the local drive, the records may be lost due to hardware failure or other unforeseen accidents. By “burning” the files to a CD or flash drive, you ensure the records are safely backed up. Several copies should be made so a copy can be stored in a safety deposit box at an off-site location. You may also make a copy for your accountant.

Tip:  If you wish to burn the files to CD, the computer you are working on must be equipped with a CD burner to use this program feature. Store the backup CD in a safe place (fireproof safe, safety deposit box, etc) at an off-site location to ensure your records are protected.

If you did not automatically arrive on the Month-End Electronic Records screen following the Stack Month-End Print file-saving process, take these steps to access the screen:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Month-End. The Month-End Procedures menu will open.

Step 2. Select Electronic Month-End Records from the Month-End Procedures menu.

Step 3. The left side of the screen lists all the PDF files available for backup. Click a file to view the information. You can print the information from the viewing screen.


Step 4. When you are ready to burn the files, click Burn Month-End To CD/File.

Step 5. When prompted, click the button that indicates how you want the selection list to be sorted: by Name or by Date.

Step 6. Boxes appear in front of the file names. Click in the box in front of the file you wish to print to select it. A check mark appears in the box.

Step 7. Once you have selected the files you want to burn, choose how you would like to copy the files (either to a CD/DVD or to File).

Step 8. If you choose to burn the information to a CD/DVD, select the appropriate drive using the Drive drop-down menu, place a blank disk into the drive, and click Burn Now.

If you are saving the information to a flash drive, click Copy Now to save the ME files.


Step 9. The files will be burned or saved as you indicated.

Tip:  When you “burn” the month-end records to the CD, you will not be able to access any records previously burned to the CD. Therefore, Autosoft suggests you use a separate disk for each month. When you use a new disk, you only need to select the PDF file for the month you just closed. However, if you choose to use the same disk over again, you must select all of the previous months’ records and the month you just closed to ensure you will be able to access all of the files.


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