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Printing Copies of Month-End Records

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When you are finished closing your books (accounts receivables, accounts payables, and general ledger), click Stack Month-End Print on the Month-End Procedures menu. This opens the Stack Print Month-End Records screen. You use this screen to print copies of the month-end records.


The system keeps the previous 12 months’ records in the system, so you can select to print any records within the last 12 months. Since many users close their receivables, payables, and general ledger at different times, some of the detail may have been purged from schedules when the month-end records were printed. This makes the month-end records incomplete. As each schedule is closed, the final file is placed in the MEXX directory (where XX represents the month). This file is saved in the C:\ASIME folder (or K:\ASIME for dealerships using a hosted DMS solution), as well as the server drive. Printing from the MEXX directory after all of the schedules have been closed ensures the printout of the record is complete and you are able to print all the necessary records.

You can specify the number of copies that should print and whether you would like to print the records to a PDF file on the local client drive. However, there may be no provision for making a backup of the local drive, and the records may be lost due to hardware failure or other unforeseen accidents. Therefore, it you choose to save your month-end records to a PDF file, you should back up the records by burning them to a CD or flash drive. This can be done using the Electronic Month-End Records button on the Month-End Procedures menu.

Important:  If you have more than one set of books, you must perform the Stack Month-End Print on a different computer for each store. It is important to note that the MEXX file will be overwritten in the C:\ASIME folder every time you perform the Stack Month-End Print. For example, when the stack is completed for Store A, ME04 (stack for April) is created in the C:\ASIME folder. If the stack for Store B is then completed, ME04 for Store A will be overwritten with the data for Store B. However, each store’s stack will still be saved to their respective server directory.

If you must perform the Stack Month-End Print for multiple stores on a single computer, it is important to rename the MEXX file for each store before running the stack for the next store. Go to the C:\ASIME folder and rename the files to the specific dealership name (for example, ME04-storeA), and then start the process for the next store, ultimately changing the name of the new file that is created to one specific to the store.


Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Month-End. The Month-End Procedures menu will open.

Step 2. Click Stack Month-End Print from the Month-End Procedures menu.

Step 3. Select the month you wish to print. You can type the month in the Print For Month Ending field or click the month from the list that is displayed on the right of the screen. The year automatically populates based on the last time the selected month was closed.

Step 4. Press ENTER. A Print To PDF button will appear under the Year field.

Step 5. If you are printing one copy of each record and printing to a PDF file, you can click Print To PDF. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to begin printing to the PDF file.

If you need to specify the number of copies to print, type the number of copies you want to print next to each record. After you enter the number of copies to print for the month-end journals, the system prompts you to verify that your printer is ready. Click To Printer to send the records to your printer or To File to save the records to a file.

Step 6. If you select to have the month-end records saved to a PDF file, the system will prompt you with two warning messages.

  • The first message warns you that the system backup will not save the month-end records. Click OK to acknowledge the warning.
  • The second message warns you that you should burn the records to a CD (or flash drive) if you want to ensure you have a copy of them. Click OK to acknowledge the warning.

Step 7. The system advances you to the Month-End Electronic Records screen.



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