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Entering Cash Flow Setup Information

Autosoft -

Use the Cash Flow screen to view the available cash flow. Before you can use the Cash Flow feature, you must use the Setup button to indicate the General Ledger accounts that will be pulled for each category. The system uses the setup to compile the information displayed on this screen.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Reports & DOCs. The Reports menu will open.

Step 2. Select Cashflow.

Step 3. The system will ask if you would like to include post-aheads when viewing the cash flow. If so, click Yes. To omit post-aheads, click No.

Step 4. The Cash Flow screen opens. Click Setup. The Cash Flow Setup screen opens.

Step 5. Type the general ledger account numbers that should pull for each category. Press F1 on this screen for links to information regarding manufacturer-specific setup information.

Step 6. Click Back to return to the Cash Flow screen. The system automatically saves the information entered and again asks if you would like to include post-aheads.


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