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Print Complete Year-To-Date General Ledger Details

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Use the Print G/L Detail Year-To-Date button on the Month-End Journals menu to print a complete list of year-to-date details for the general ledger for a specific year. Generally, you will generate this report in January after you close the general ledger for December. This will give you all of the detail for the previous year.

You should print a PDF version of the file so you can view and print it as needed later. When you print the report to a PDF file, you must go to the Electronic Month End feature. Use the View/Print Month-End Records button to display a list of the available PDF files. The general ledger detail file is named DetailXX.PDF (where XX is the year for the report). The file is created on the server drive and in C:\ASIME if your DMS is housed on an on-site server or in K:\ASIME if you use a hosted DMS solution. You can burn the report to a CD or flash drive as needed. 

The printout lists every transaction for each general ledger account. For each transaction, it lists the posting date, journal number, document number, control number, debit amount posted, credit amount posted, and the description entered for the transaction.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Month-End. The Month-End Procedures menu will open.

Step 2. Select Month-End Journals - G/L Detail. The Month-End Journals menu will open.


Step 3. On the Month-End Journals menu, click Print G/L Detail Year-To-Date.

Step 4. Type the last two digits of the year you want to print (15 for 2015, 16 for 2016, etc.).

Step 5. The system displays a warning that the report may be lengthy and that it is recommended you print the report to a PDF file. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

Step 6. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, click To .PDF File to print the report to a PDF file or To Printer to print the report to your printer.

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