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Accessing the End-Of-Month 'Check Off' Menu

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Before you begin your month-end closing, click the Permissions/Forms button on the Month-End Procedures menu to open the End-Of-Month ‘Check Off’ menu. This menu provides valuable tools to assist you with your month-end closing. You should start every month-end closing by using the options on this menu.


First, you will use this menu to create a check-off list you can use at the end of each month to help you with the month-end procedures. Once you create the list, you can edit it as needed to best fit your month-end activities. Print the list each month so you have a way of ensuring you do not overlook anything when closing the month.

This menu also provides an option to print a General Journal Entries worksheet. You use this sheet to record the information for the General Journal entries. The sheet includes an area for the signature of the individual who authorized the information. This can be a very valuable tool to confirm all of your records are in order.

Finally, this menu allows you to set posting permissions. You can “lock out” operators from posting to either the current month or next month. This is useful in preventing users from posting to a month after you have finished all of the work for the current period but have not yet carried out the final general ledger closing procedures. You are also able to “lock out” posting to the next month to prevent users from beginning to post to the next month until you want them to begin posting those transactions.

To access this menu:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Month-End. The Month-End Procedures menu will open. 

Step 2. Select Permissions/Forms. The End-Of-Month 'Check Off' menu will open.



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