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Creating a New DOC

Autosoft -

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Reports & DOCs. The Reports menu will open.


Step 2. Select Standard Daily DOC. The Daily Operating Control menu will open.


Step 3. In the Select DOC To Use area to the right of the Daily Operating Control menu, type the DOC number (1-9) or letter (S for Service, B for Body Shop, or P for Parts) in the DOC Number To Use field, or click the DOC in the list.

Step 4. Click OK when prompted to verify this is a new DOC. The menu options now apply specifically to that DOC number.

Step 5. Click Enter Report Parameters. The DOC Setup screen opens. Use this screen to enter the parameters for the selected DOC number. (Once you set the parameters, you will also use this screen to edit them when needed.)


Step 6. In the Line field, type a line number for the line you are creating. The line number determines the order in which the information will print on the report.

Step 7. Type a description for the line in the Description field.

Tip:  You can create a title for your DOC using line 000. Type the title as the description for the line. This line will display in the DOC selection list on the Daily Operating Control menu. The title will help you identify the DOC. If you do not create line 000, the system will use the first line you create for the DOC as the title.

Step 8. Next, enter the Units, Gross forecast, Sales forecast, or Expense forecast amount.

Step 9. Specify how you want the line to pull or what you want the line to display on the report:

  • A = Add (Normal Line): This adds the line to the totals.
  • S = Subtotal 1: This displays the subtotal for all of the add lines (A) up to this point.
  • X = Subtotal 2: This displays the subtotal for all of the subtotal 1 (S) lines up to this point.
  • T = Total: This displays the totals up to this point. Depending on how you set the lines to pull, this is the sum of the add lines (A), subtotal 1 lines (S), and/or subtotal 2 lines (X) to this point.
  • G = Grand Total: This displays the totals for all your total lines (T).
  • L = Line Value: This displays the totals for selected lines on the report. Instead of adding account numbers to the Plus and Minus sections, you add line numbers. The line numbers added to the Plus section display under Sales on the report, and the lines added to the Minus section appear under Gross on the report. This information does not add to the totals. It is for display purposes only.
  • D = Display Only: This displays the totals for the accounts specified. This does not add to the totals. It is for display purposes only.
  • P = New Page: This indicates you want to add a page break to the report. The next line added will begin printing on a new page.
  • B = Blank Line: This indicates you want to add a blank line to the report. This allows you to space the information on the report as desired.

Step 10. Use the Plus and Minus sections to add the general ledger accounts you want to pull to the report. Click G/L List to view a list of general ledger accounts in the system. When you flag a line to display line values (LV), you cannot enter general ledger accounts in these fields; you must enter line numbers.

  • The Plus section is for accounts that will add to the total.
  • The Minus section is for accounts that will subtract from the total. 
  • Use the From and To fields to enter a range of continuous accounts. 
  • If you want to include one account on the report or need to add accounts that are outside of the continuous range you specified, use the Include fields to specify the accounts. 

Step 11. If you want to pull the expenses from a specific department, type the department code in Pull Expense For Department.

Step 12. When you are finished setting the parameters, click Save. The line will appear in the list on the right side of the screen.

Step 13. Continue to add lines to the DOC as needed. 

Step 14. Click Exit to return to the Daily Operating Control menu.


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