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Selecting a Different DOC Number for Comparison DOC Reporting

Autosoft -

While working in the Comparison DOC menu, you can use the Select DOC Number to Use button to select a different DOC number with which to work. 

Step 1. While working on the Comparison DOC menu, click Select DOC Number To Use. This opens the same prompt that appears when the Comparison DOC menu opens. 


Step 4. Type the DOC number (1-9) or letter (S for service, B for body shop, or P for parts), or click the DOC in the list displayed. Once you create DOCs, the list on the prompt indicates which DOC numbers have been used and which numbers will be new DOC’s.

If you select a new DOC number, the system will prompt you to verify this is a new DOC number for a new report. Click OK.


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