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Deleting a Line from the Two-Year Trend Report

Autosoft -

You can delete a report line as needed. However, you cannot retrieve the parameters once you delete them. If you want to use the parameters again, you will have to manually re-enter the information. If the line still appears in the list after you delete it, the list may need to be refreshed. Exit the screen and open the screen again.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select General Ledger. The General Ledger menu will open.

Step 2. Select Profit & Loss/Trends


Step 3. Click ‘Two Year Trend’ Custom Setup on the Profit & Loss/Trends menu. The Two-Year Trend Special Parameters menu will open.


Step 4. In Set Number, type the set number you wish to edit.

Step 5. Type the master account number for the line you wish to delete.

Step 6. Click Delete.

Step 7. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to delete the record. The line is removed from the list on the right side of the screen.

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