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Compiling a DOC for the Current or Next Month

Autosoft -

You have the option of compiling the report for the current month or the next month. The first button on the Daily Operating Control menu displays the name of the current month, and the second button on the menu displays the name for the next month. The button description updates when you close your books at the end of the month.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Reports & DOCs. The Reports menu will open.


Step 2. Select Standard Daily DOC from the Reports menu. The Daily Operating Control menu will open.


Step 3. Click the button that corresponds to the month for which you want to compile the DOC.

Step 4. In the For Day Number field, type day of the month you want to use to compile the report.

Step 5. In the Of Days For Month field, type the total number of days in the month.

Step 6. When prompted to verify you want to compile the report, click Current DOC to compile just the selected DOC or ALL DOCs to compile all the available DOCs.

Tip:  If the DOC names in the DOC list appear mixed up, click Resequence DOC to put the correct name back with the correct DOC.


Important:  Compiling the report should only be done once per day around the same time of day. Compiling once per day around the same time of day will help ensure the daily portion of the report will be an accurate representation of daily work. If the report must be printed multiple times, you can print it as many times as needed.


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