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Exporting General Ledger Detail to Microsoft Excel

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The Export Detail to Excel option on the Print G/L Account Detail & Journal Sources menu allows you to export selected general ledger detail to Microsoft® Excel. You can export detail for up to 10 accounts.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select General Ledger. The General Ledger menu will open. 

Step 2. Select Ledger Detail & Journal Sources to open the Print G/L Account Detail & Journal Sources menu. 

Step 3. From the Print G/L Account Detail & Journal Sources menu, click Export Detail To Excel. The Export GL Detail to Excel screen will open.

Step 4. The bottom of the Export GL Detail to Excel screen displays the available account types. Click to select the account types you want to work with for the export.

Step 5. The window on the right side of the screen displays a list of the accounts for the selected account types.


Step 6. Click accounts in the list to add them to the export. You can select up to 10 accounts. The account numbers fill in the Export Accounts fields.

Step 7. Click Export Now.

Step 8. A Select Date Range prompt will appear. Click to clear the checkbox to the right of this prompt, next to Include Post-Aheads, if you do not wish to include post-aheads in the export.

Step 9. In the Select Date Range area, type the date range you want to use for the export. Type the date as eight digits with or without dashes (mmddyyyy or mm/dd/yyyy). If you do not use dashes, press ENTER after you type each date.

Step 10. When prompted, click the button that corresponds to the sort option you want to use for the export: Account or Date.

Step 11. When the export is complete, the system displays a message indicating the information has been exported to C:\ASIXL\GLDETAIL.CSV (K:\ASIXL\GLDETAIL.CSV if your dealership uses the hosted DMS solution). Click OK to acknowledge the message and navigate to Excel to open the document.

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