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Viewing and Sorting Reprinted Batch Checks

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The View Reprinted Batch Checks option on the Check Register Utilities menu allows you to view the reprinted batch checks. You can click a check in the list to reprint the file copy of the check, and you can export the list to a CSV file for viewing in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Schedules & Documents. The Schedules & Documents menu will open.

Step 2. Select Check/GL Reconciliation.

Step 3. When you first access the menu, you are prompted to select the check register you will be working with. The Check Register menu will open once you've selected the register.

Step 4. From the Check Register menu, click Check Register Utilities. The Check Register Utilities menu will open.

Step 5. From the Check Register Utilities menu, click View Reprinted Batch Checks on the Check Register Utilities menu. The screen automatically displays the list.


By default, the list is sorted based on the check number.

Step 6. The Reprint column identifies the number of reprints. The original check will be 01. Each reprint will increment by one (02 is the first reprint, 03 the second reprint, etc.).


Step 7. Click any column header to sort the list based on that information.


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