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Printing the Transaction Detail for All the GL Expense Accounts

Autosoft -

Use the Print Detail For Expenses Only button on the Print G/L Account Detail & Journal Sources menu to print the transaction details for all of the general ledger expense accounts. For each expense account, the printout lists the total posted to the general ledger, the account balance, the balances for the previous year, previous month, and current month, and detail for each posting for the selected month.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select General Ledger. The General Ledger menu will open. 

Step 2. Select Ledger Detail & Journal Sources to open the Print G/L Account Detail & Journal Sources menu. 

Step 3. From the Print G/L Account Detail & Journal Sources menu, click Print Detail For Expenses Only.

Step 4. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print.

Step 5. Click Document to print in document order or Date to print in posting order.


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