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Moving a Check Register

Autosoft -

Use the Move Check Register # option on the Check Register Utilities menu to move the check register. In addition to moving it, you can use this option to flag obsolete registers.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Schedules & Documents. The Schedules & Documents menu will open. 

Step 2. Select Check/GL Reconciliation

Step 3. When you first access the menu, you are prompted to select the check register you will be working with. The Check Register menu will open once you've selected the register.

Step 4. From the Check Register menu, click Check Register Utilities. The Check Register Utilities menu will open.

Step 5. From the Check Register Utilities menu, click Move Check Register #. (The number on the button identifies the selected check register.)

Step 6. The system prompts you to verify you want to move the register. Click OK to continue.

Step 7. The system prompts you to indicate if this is an active register. Click Active or Obsolete.

If you click Active, the system moves the register to the next available register number 1 through 5 based on the account setup in the Operating Parameters. (The exception is register 2, which is reserved for payroll). The system will move the general ledger account number in the parameters as well.

If you click Obsolete, the check register will move to the next available register numbered 6 through 50.

Step 8. The system displays a message indicating the new register number. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

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