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Printing a List of the Taxable and Non-Taxable Items Posted to Journals

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Use the Print Sales Tax List option on the Sales Tax & Document Lists menu to print a complete list of the taxable and non-taxable items posted to the journals. The sales tax list is not available after you close the month. For each sale, the printout lists the document number, posting date, amount posted as a cash payment, amount posted as a charge payment, total taxable amount, total tax applied, and total sale amount. Non-taxable items display (N/E) as the taxable amount. The end of the printout lists the totals for each line.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Schedules & Documents. The Schedules & Documents menu will open.

Step 2. Select Sales Tax & Document Lists. The Sales Tax & Document Lists menu will open. 


Step 3. Click Print Sales Tax List on the Sales Tax & Document Lists menu.

Step 4. Specify the dates for the report. The dates must be for the current month and use the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Step 5. Indicate the sort order for the list. Click Document to sort the list by document or Tax Code to sort the list by tax code.

Step 6. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print.

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