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Generating the 1099 e-File

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The Generate 1099 e-File option on the Vendor 1099s menu is for states that require e-filing. The system will generate and compile the Federal and State data into one file, and you can upload the file.

Important:  This is the final step in the 1099 process. Use this option only after performing all of the other functions accessible from the Vendor 1099s menu. 

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Trade Payables. The Trade Vendor Payables menu will open. 

Step 2. Select 1099 Information to open the Vendor 1099s menu.

Step 3. From the Vendor 1099’s menu, click Generate 1099 e-File.

Step 4. Click OK when prompted to verify you wish to generate the combined federal and state 1099 e-file.

Step 5. The system will prompt you to indicate if this is a test file or live submission. Click Test if the submission is a test file or Live if you wish to submit the filing.

Step 6. If your dealership employs an in-house server-based FLEX DMS, the system displays a message indicating that C:\ASITEXT\EF1099_ST.TXT (where ST is replaced by the two-letter postal abbreviation for your dealership’s state) has been created. However, for dealerships using the hosted FLEX DMS, the file will be saved at K:\ASITEXT\EF1099_ST.TXT. You may need to rename the file based on the naming requirements for your state. Click OK to acknowledge the file location.

Important:  If your dealership employs the hosted FLEX DMS, you will need to copy and paste the ASITEXT\EF1099_ST.TXT file from the K:\ drive to your computer’s desktop. This will enable you to upload the file via the Internet, as access may be limited under the hosted server. To see complete instructions regarding saving and copying files from the hosted FLEX DMS server to a local drive, see Appendix B of the Year-End Closing Manual, accessible in the Accounting User Guides here in the Help Center.

Step 7. An alert will warn you that because of the sensitive nature of the data, the file should be deleted or moved to a safer location once it is uploaded. Click OK to continue.


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