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Printing the Report of Payments Made to 1099 Vendors

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After generating the list of 1099 vendors, you will automatically be prompted to print this report, but you can manually reprint it if necessary by clicking the Payments Made to 1099 Vendors button on the Vendor 1099's menu.

The report will display any and all vendors that have been marked with a Y for 1099 vendor at any point throughout the year. This means that if Vendor 123 was marked with a Y for January and February, the payments made in those months will show up on the report.

This report will provide you with all of the information required to fill out the 1099s, including vendor control, vendor name, payment posting date, payments and reversals, and the total payments made to the vendor for each accounts payable vendor marked with a Y at any time throughout the year. It is sorted alphabetically by vendor control, then by date within each control. The last page or tab (depending on if you print the PDF or the Microsoft Excel version) will not list all vendors; instead, it will list only 1099 vendors that have been paid $600 or more over the course of the year. These are the vendors to which you are legally required to send a 1099.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Trade Payables. The Trade Vendor Payables menu will open. 

Step 2. Select 1099 Information to open the Vendor 1099's menu.

Step 3. Click Payments Made to 1099 Vendors on the Vendor 1099s menu.

Step 4. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print.

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