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Viewing the Accounts Payable Schedule

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Use the View Schedule button on the Trade Vendor Payables menu to open the View A/P Schedule screen to view the account balances, general ledger balance, and schedule balance. This screen is for viewing purposes only. You cannot enter any data on this screen.

To access the A/P Schedule screen:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Trade Payables. The Trade Vendor Payables menu will open.

Step 2. From the Trade Vendor Payables menu, select View Schedule.

When the screen opens, the system automatically runs a balance of the schedule. If the schedule balances, the system displays a list of AP accounts on the screen. If the schedule is off, the system displays a warning indicating the discrepancy amount. When the schedule is out of balance, the Schedule Bal. field next to the Account field will include “(OUT).” If it's correct, "(OK)" will appear next to the Account field. 

Step 3. You have the option of adding this amount to the Forced Balance (~FB) control to balance the schedule. You should find the problem and adjust it as needed. A banner displays at the top of the screen warning you when there is a balance in the ~FB control.

Step 4. The screen automatically displays information for the current period. Use the month tabs to select another month as needed.

Step 5. Scroll through the list or press a letter on the keyboard to advance to that section of the list.

Step 6. By default, the screen includes all accounts. Click the Open Items button to view only accounts with balances. When prompted, select if you want to include post-ahead entries. Click Yes to include the entries or No to exclude them. The button label changes to “All Items.” Click it again to view all accounts.

Step 7. Click a line to view the payable detail for that vendor. The Detail screen opens and displays the detail for the selected vendor account. Use the Edit Line button on the bottom of the Detail screen to add notes or other information that may be useful. Using the entry fields that open at the bottom of the screen, assign a document number, date, and description. To ensure the note posts correctly, before filing the line, the system prompts you to indicate if this note applies to the current month or if it is a post-ahead note. Click Current or Post Ahead accordingly. 

Step 8. You can print the list or export it to Microsoft Excel as needed using the Print This List button on the bottom of the screen. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print.

If you selected Export to Excel, a pop-up alerts you that you can view the report in Microsoft Excel by accessing the APScheduleList.XLS file in the C:\ASIXL folder (or K:\ASIXL folder if your dealership uses a hosted version of Autosoft DMS). Click OK to acknowledge and close the message.

Step 9. Click Back to close the Detail screen.

Step 10. Click Exit to return to the Trade Vendor Payables menu.


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