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Printing a Mailing Label for One Customer

Autosoft -

Use the Mailing Label For One Customer button on the Print Customer Lists & Labels menu to print a mailing label for a specific customer.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Trade Receivables. The Trade Customer Receivables menu will open.

Step 2. Select Lists & Labels. The Print Customer Lists & Labels menu will open.


Step 3. From the Print Customer Lists & Labels menu, click Mailing Labels For One Customer.

Step 4. When prompted, type customer number of the customer whose information you want to print on the label. You can click the “’Click For List” message to search for a customer. Press the letter on your keyboard that corresponds to the first letter of the customer’s last name or use the letters listed along the right side of the Search Customers screen. A list of customers whose last name begins with that letter appears. Click the customer you want to select and press ENTER.

Step 5. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria and click Print.

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