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Understanding the Vendor Information Screen

Autosoft -

Use the Vendor Information button on the Trade Vendor Payables menu to open the Vendor Information screen. On this screen, you will enter or edit vendor information. Vendor information should have been entered during the Accounting inception. Once a vendor file exists, you can edit it as needed and use this screen to print an envelope for the vendor. You will also use this screen to delete vendor files from the Accounts Payable (AP) schedule. Vendor information should be entered only for accounts associated with the accounts payables account. 

Do not add memo accounts into the system as vendors. Memo accounts are accounts you pay regularly but are not associated with a payable account. You add memo accounts through the Disbursements in the Journal entries. The memo accounts you create through Disbursements are stored in a separate file available to you when you write checks. The balance for checks written to memo accounts posts to the account you specify when creating the account in the system, not to the accounts payable account. See Chapter 2 for information about creating memo accounts.


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