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Creating a Separate Customer Database for Customer Statements

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Use the Customer Setup button on the Print Customer Statements From Other Schedules screen to open the Customer Setup screen. You use this screen to enter customers from other schedules into a separate database you can use to print the statements.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Trade Receivables. The Trade Customer Receivables menu will open.

Step 2. On the Trade Customer Receivables menu, click Statements From Other Schedules. The Statements From Other Schedules screen will open.


Step 3. Click the Customer Setup button on the screen. The Customer Setup screen will open. From here, you can do several things.


Pulling a Control from a Schedule

Step 1. Type the general ledger account number for a Detail Forward account in the Schedule field.

Step 2. A list of controls in the schedule appears in a list in the bottom-right window of the screen. Click the control you want to select. If the control is in the Accounts Receivable schedule, the information fills in on the left side of the screen. If the control is from another schedule, the Customer Number field displays the control number. Fill in the remaining information.

Step 3. Click Save. The customer appears in a list in the top-right window of the screen.

Step 4. Continue to add customers to the list as needed.

Removing a Control

Step 1. Click a control in the list in the top-right of the screen. The information for the control populates the left side of the screen.

Step 2. Click Remove.

Step 3. Click Gone when prompted to verify you want to delete the record.

Printing Statements for the Controls

Once you create the database, you can print statements for all of the customers in the list.

Step 1. Click Back to return to the Print Customer Statements From Other Schedules screen.

Step 2. Click Print All.

Step 3. The system alerts you that the function requires pre-printed statement forms. Click OK. The document will be sent to the printer.

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