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Autosoft DMS 7.4.2 Release (May 3, 2017)

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The Autosoft DMS 7.4.2 release contains a variety of enhancements and modifications to improve your DMS user experience.


Gross Profit Percentage Figures Added to Daily DOC
Benefit:  This enhancement will save you time and any possible errors by calculating and displaying gross profit percentage figures on Daily DOC reports. Now, this important figure is represented on your Daily DOC.
Details:  Daily DOCs now include a GP % (Gross Profit Percentage) column in the YTD (Year-to-Date), MTD (Month-to-Date), and Day breakdowns. See how each item on the report contributes to your dealership's gross profit.


Additional Time Punch Lines Added
Benefit:  The ability to punch on and off of a repair up to 12 times allows your technicians to more accurately document time spent on a repair.
Details:  We've increased the number of punch times per repair line in the ERO application. Previously, the Time area of the ERO only allowed for eight time punches per repair line. Now, the application permits 12 time punch lines, which you can scroll through. 

Additional OEM VIN Report Buttons Added
Benefit:  Access a vehicle's OEM VIN report directly from the ERO application. 
Details:  In addition to the current Ford, FCA, and GM VIN report buttons, we have added Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, and KIA OEM VIN report buttons to the ERO application. If your dealership has a DCS license for these OEM integrations with your Autosoft DMS, you will now have access to VIN-specific information, such as vehicle warranty information, service history, and open recall campaigns, from an OEM VIN button directly on the ERO screen. 


Call-out Improvements Made for 3Cs within Close Service Screen and ERO Application
 Quickly identify the complaint, cause, and cure fields on repair orders and enter information into the correct fields with a glance.   
Call-out headers have been added to the Complaint, Cause, and Cure fields on the Close Repair screen and within the ERO application to allow for the easy identification of each set of fields and reduce possible errors. 


Subscription Alert Refined
Benefit:  Be better informed about an upcoming or current subscription suspension and resolve service interruptions more quickly.
Details:  We've clarified the subscription alerts you receive when your Autosoft DMS service is interrupted. Now, if your service has been suspended because your DMS license has been revoked or terminated, a "Subscription Suspended" alert will direct you to contact the Autosoft Business Office. However, if your service has been interrupted because your subscription validation has failed for 30 days, the "Subscription Validation" alert will direct you to contact Autosoft's Dealer Communications Support. You will still receive a warning for the 29 days prior to a Subscription Validation service interruption.

Other Updates:


  • The 1099 process has been improved to completely automate the process while utilizing the accuracy improvements that were introduced at 2016 year-end. The dollar amount to report on the 1099 is now captured automatically so you do not have to input it. 
  • A modification has been made to ensure that the correct stock numbers are listed for internal repair orders when the internal repair orders are pulled into Accounting. 
  • An issue has been resolved to prevent account balance errors when balance forward customer payments with late fees are reversed.
  • Adjustments have been made to ensure back options post correctly when moving a vehicle sale from the holding journal to the general ledger.  
  • Updates have resolved an issue paying detail forward vendors marked to receive a 1099 using the Miscellaneous Checks option in Disbursements.  
  • Modifications have improved the performance of the Vendors With Yearly Purchases/Payments option on the Vendor Payables menu. 
  • We've made changes to ensure the Check History for each month displays as it should.
  • An adjustment has been made to the payment description on the A/P FaStatement so balance forward vendor payments' descriptions list "Payment" followed by the invoice number paid (Payment/Inv164).
  • We've done an update to improve the performance of the Factory Receivable Statement.
  • Modifications have been made to allow for a case-sensitive journal entry document search to be performed when the first character of a document number is alphabetical. Choose Upper when the alphabetical starting character signifies a transaction-type document assignment or Lower for user ID-type document assignments.
  • An adjustment has been made to improve the printing of DOC setup parameters. 
  • Updates have resolved an LOF window sticker printing issue within the ERO application. 


  • A modification has been made to allow the GM Labor Time Guide and Price Tape downloads to be completed without issue. 
  • Updates have been made to resolve an issue with missing bin data on the special inventories List By Quantity (+/-) For Bin report.
  • An adjustment ensures that parts supercession data is properly pulling to the Parts Queries screen. 
  • The performance of the Memo box for wholesale customers in the Counter Sales application has been improved. 
  • An issue has been resolved to improve how Parts user IDs are tracking in the Audit Trail report when manual inventory adjustments are made through QwikLook Corrections feature.
  • An "Export to Excel" option has been added for printing the Daily Parts Sales Summary. This is particularly useful if you have a part with a sale price exceeding $9,999.99.
  • Modifications ensure that GOGs are appropriately factored into parts totals for discounts.
  • An update has been made to aid in the thorough reporting of parts sales to wholesale customers via the Wholesale Parts Customer List. 
  • An adjustment allows you to edit a part record within the Edit/Add to Generated List screen when a part number has any part number changes in its record. 
  • Modifications ensure that the open time for a counter slip is writing correctly to the record when saving the order. 
  • An update ensures that the date refreshes properly in the Active Quote screen.


  • An issue has been resolved to ensure only payrolls that are marked "Direct Deposit"are included in the AAACH.CSV file.
  • Modifications ensure that the Payroll and Department Totals report displays the correct departments.
  • Adjustments have been made to ensure correct additional Medicare tax calculations for employees with a DEMO. 
  • An update has been done to prevent errors in Adjusted Gross figures when federal withholding settings for an employee vary from payroll to payroll. 
  • An issue that was affecting the Payroll and Department Assignments report's "Of Adjusted Gross" figure when DEMOs were involved has been resolved.


  • Modifications prevent DMS shutdowns when viewing a repair order after applying a discount to the repair order in the Cashier module.
  • Adjustments have been made to ensure that pre-writes or open appointments are not tied to voided repair order. 
  • Updates have improved the writing of the 3Cs to a temporary file for warranty repair transmission to Fiat Chrysler.
  • Improvements have been made to ensure discounts on individual repair lines are included when printing an Accounting copy of a Repair Order History.
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure repair order messages are center justified when printing repair orders. 
  • We made adjustments to improve filtering of the R/O list by customer last name. 
  • Modifications ensure that warranty parts pricing level changes made on the Start Repair Order screen will be retained as you move through the RO process.
  • Adjustments have been made to address printing issues within the Service Schedule application. 
  • We've resolved an issue that was corrupting customer number while scheduling appointments in the Service Schedule application.
  • An option has been added to the Repair Order History screen to resend a Toyota repair order when integrated with Toyota.

Time Clock

  • Modifications have been made to the Time Clock application's master password. After entering ADMIN to enable the entry of the master password, as you type the master password, it will be masked with asterisks (*****). 

Vehicle Inventory

  • Adjustments have been made to improve the copy-and-paste functionality on the Vehicle Information screen. When copying a memo from the large Memo box on the right side of the screen to the small Memo field on the left side of the screen, line breaks no longer create an issue in how the memo will display in the small Memo field. 


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