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Verifying Your Floor Plan

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Use this button to print a report for new or used vehicles to use to verify the floor plan. The report will print the inventory and floor plan schedules side-by-side for quick reference. The report lists the stock number, year, make, odometer, serial number, inventory amount, floor plan amount, equity, delivery date, and buyer’s name. When there is more than one new and used floor plan account, use the side-by-side printout from the Balance Retained Schedules menu.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Vehicle Inventory. The Vehicle Inventory menu will open.

Step 2. Select Print Inventory Schedules

Step 3. Click Verify Floor Plan.

Step 4. When prompted to verify your printer is ready, select your print criteria. You can choose To Printer to print a copy of the report, To Screen to view the report on screen, or Export to Excel to save a copy of the report in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet.

Note:  If you choose to export the file to Excel, the system will save the document as C:\ASIXL\FPVerify.XLS if your DMS is housed on a server at your dealership, or K:\ASIXL\FPVerify.XLS if you employ the DMS hosted solution. 

Step 5. Click Print Without Post Aheads or Print Including Post Aheads.

Step 6. The system prompts you to select the list you want to print. Click New Vehicle to verify the floor plan for new inventory, Used Vehicle to verify the floor plan for used inventory, or All Exceptions to print the exceptions. If you select All Exceptions, the system pulls the floor plan scheduled accounts from the Vehicle Purchase Parameters and checks these accounts against the inventory.

Step 7. The system will ask if you wish to include vehicles with zero floorplan balances. Click Yes or No.

Step 8. If you chose to export to Excel, the system displays a prompt indicating the report has been saved as an Excel file. Click OK to acknowledge the message.


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