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Viewing Vehicle Detail

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The View Vehicle Detail option on the Vehicle Inventory menu allows you to view accounting and transaction details for each vehicle in inventory. By default, the screen displays information for the current month. You can click a month tab at the bottom of the screen to view the details for other months. The same screen opens when you click Detail on the Vehicle information screen. This screen is for viewing purposes only. No data can be entered here.


Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Vehicle Inventory. The Vehicle Inventory menu will open. 

Step 2. From the Vehicle Inventory menu, click View Vehicle Detail.

Step 3. Type a vehicle stock number or the last six characters of the VIN. You can search for a vehicle by clicking Inventory List. Use the buttons at the top of the screen to select a car line. The screen displays a list of vehicles for that car line. You can sort by stock number, year, make, model, last six character of the VIN, age, status, and several other values by clicking the column headings. You can scroll through the inventory list by clicking the arrows on each side of the button. Click the vehicle you want to select. The vehicle’s information populates the screen.

Step 4. The top of the screen displays general vehicle information and accounting figures for the current month and the next month. (The following table provides descriptions of the fields in the top right corner of this screen.)

Step 5. The bottom of the screen lists the transaction lines for this vehicle. You can view detailed information for repair orders (journal 30) by clicking on the RO in the list. The information for the RO is displayed.

Tip:  You can view the complete vehicle information by clicking Info. The screen that opens is the same screen that opens when you select the Vehicle Information button on the Vehicle Inventory menu. 

Step 7. Click Exit to return to the Vehicle Inventory menu.Step 6. Click Print to print the detail. When prompted, select your print criteria and click Print.

Field Information Displayed
Calendar Month These fields display the current month and next month. The fields under each correspond to that month.
Original Inventory These fields display the original price of the vehicle for the current and next month. This amount is usually the invoice price minus the holdback and advertising amount.
Total Of Internals These fields display the total value of the internals for the current and next month. This field is calculated by any entry made to the vehicle under any 30s journal or journal 75. Any other journal used will total under Original Inventory.
Total Inventory These fields display the vehicle’s total inventory value for the current month and the next month.
Schedule These fields display the schedule for the vehicle and the total schedule amount for this month and the next month.
Floor Plan These fields display the floor plan for the vehicle and the total amount for this month and the next month.



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