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Deleting or Voiding an Integrated Sales Document

Autosoft -

You have the option of deleting an Integrated Sales document or voiding it on the entry screen.

Deleting the document removes it from the transaction list. You cannot recall a document once you delete it.

Voiding a document flags it as voided. The document remains in the transaction list. The document posts to the journals as a void.

Important:  If a password is required to delete a document, you must enter the password before you can delete the document. Your System Administrator can set the password using the Password option in the Accounting Utilities.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries. The Journal Entries menu will open.

Step 2. Select Integrated Entries. The Integrated Entries menu will open. 


Step 3. Select the type of integrated entry you wish to delete or void (Parts, Service, or Daily Rentals) to open that particular submenu.

Step 4. Click the top option in the submenu to open the integrated sales entries screen for that type of integrated sale.

Step 5. In the Document field, type the counter ticket number, repair order number, or contract number. You can click Document List or Transaction List to select the document from a list of updated entries. (You can also scroll forward or backward through the list entries by pressing the arrow buttons on either side of the button.)

Step 6. Click Delete Doc on the bottom of the entry screen.

Step 7. The system prompts you to indicate what you want to do with the document. Click Delete to delete it or Void to void it.

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