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Putting an Integrated Sales Document on Hold

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You can use the Hold button to place an integrated sales document on hold indefinitely. The document is flagged as “Hold” in the document list and remains in the list until you process it. The system will not post the document until you process it using the Save Doc or Post Doc button.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries. The Journal Entries menu will open.In the

Step 2. Select Integrated Entries. The Integrated Entries menu will open. 


Step 3. Select the type of integrated entry you wish to review (Parts, Service, or Daily Rentals) to open that particular submenu.

Step 4. Click the top option in the submenu to open the integrated sales entries screen for that type of integrated sale.

Step 5. In the Document field, type the counter ticket number, repair order number, or contract number. You can click Document List or Transaction List to select the document from a list of updated entries. (You can also scroll forward or backward through the list entries by pressing the arrow buttons on either side of the button.)

Step 6. Click Hold.

Step 7. Click HOLD when prompted to verify you want to hold the document indefinitely. 


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