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Removing a Vendor from the Generated Vendor List

Autosoft -

Once you have a list of the vendors you want to pay, use the Edit Generated List button to edit the list to change the payment amount, to add discounts, or to remove a vendor from the list.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. The Journal Entries menu will open. Click Disbursements.

Step 3. On the Select Check Register To Use pop-up, click on the check register you'd like to work in. 


Step 4. The Disbursements menu will be accessible to you. Select A/P Batch Checks.

Step 5. From the Batch Check menu, select Edit Generated List. The Edit Generated List screen will open, displaying all the vendors on the list. 


Tip:  The system will keep the last set of unposted batch checks and give you the option to pull them to this screen when it opens. Click Yes to edit the last list of checks or No to continue with other checks. This allows you to pull the last edited list in the event the checks did not print properly so you do not have to go through the editing process again.

Step 6. Click on the vendor you want to remove from the list.

Step 7. Click Remove This Vendor.

Step 8. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to remove the vendor from the list.

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