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Editing the Accounting Entry for Disbursements

Autosoft -

If you discover posting errors after you print a check or voucher but before you post the check to the general ledger, you can edit the accounting entry as needed.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. The Journal Entries menu will open. Click Disbursements.

Step 3. On the Select Check Register To Use pop-up, click on the check register you'd like to work in. 


Step 4. The Disbursements menu will be accessible to you.

Step 5. Click Miscellaneous Checks. The Miscellaneous Checks screen will open.

Step 6. Type the check number. You can use the List button to search for an active check. Click List Of Checks on the Search screen, and click the check you want to edit.

Step 7. Click Edit when prompted to choose what you wish to do with the check.

Step 8. The Edit Accounting screen opens.


Step 9. The first line is the Cash in Bank line. You cannot edit this line. The remaining lines are the transaction lines added to the check. You can edit these lines as needed.

Step 10. Click Save to save the changes.


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