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Adjusting a Vehicle Sale

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The Vehicle Sales Adjusting Entries screen allows you to adjust existing vehicle sales entries. If you are adjusting or reversing a sale from a prior month, the reversal will post to the current month, not the original month.

You can only edit the transaction amounts. If you need to edit customer information, vehicle information, general ledger accounts, or controls, you will have to reverse the sale and re-post it.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. Click Vehicle Sales on the Journal Entries menu.

Step 3. The Vehicle Sales menu will open. Select Sale Adjusting Entries. The Vehicle Sales adjusting entries screen will open.Click

Step 4. If you are adjusting a sale from the current month, click Current Sales. If the sale you wish to adjust is from the previous month, click Prior Month Sales. Depending on which button you click, a list of the vehicle sales posted during the current month or prior month will open. If the desired entry is not on the list, the entry may be too old to adjust from this screen.

Step 5. When you select a sale, the customer information is displayed in the fields at the top of the screen, and all of the transaction lines for the sale are displayed in the bottom part of the screen.

Step 6. Click a line to edit its information, which will populate the entry fields under the customer information.

Step 7. The Original field displays the original amount posted to the transaction line. To edit the amount, enter the new amount in the Adjusted field and press ENTER. An asterisk in the far right column will appear on each line you adjust.


Step 8. When all desired adjustments are made, click Print to print the recap to ensure the adjustments are correct.

Step 9. When prompted to verify that your printer is ready, choose To Printer or To Screen and click Print again.

Step 10. After you verify the recap, click Post to post the adjustment.

Step 11. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to post the adjustment.

Step 12. If you selected to post directly to the general ledger and schedules, click to select to post to the current month or next month, or select to batch the entry.


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