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Setting Up the Disbursements Printer

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You must complete the printer setup before you print your first checks. The setup allows you to specify which printer will print the checks and check copies. Other parameters you set here determine how the checks print.


Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. The Journal Entries menu will open. Click Disbursements.

Step 3. On the Select Check Register To Use pop-up, click on the check register you'd like to work in. 


Step 4. The Disbursements menu will be accessible to you. Select Printer Setup.

Step 5. Click to select the account for the parameters you are entering. The account numbers refer to the accounts entered in the Operating Parameters in the Accounting Setup.

Step 6. If you use blank checks, fill in your account number and bank routing number. If you use pre-printed checks, leave these fields blank.

Step 7. Use the MICR fields to set the margins for the check. A MICR value of 144 is equal to 1 inch.

Step 8. Specify the spacing between the routing number and account number. This is usually 2.

Step 9. Use the drop-down menus to select the default printer and paper bin/tray that will be used to print the checks.

Step 10. In Print Start Line Factor, type the value for the top margin of the check. This value affects how far down on the check the text will begin printing. You will need to test values until you find the correct settings for your printer. Increase the value to move the text down; decrease the value to move the text up.

Step 11. In G/L Account for Discounts, type the general ledger account number used to post discounts.

Step 12. In Number of Accounting Copies, type the number of copies you wish to print.

Step 13. In Print Copies With Checks (Y/N), specify if the copies should always print with the checks. Type Y for yes or N for no.

Step 14. In Print “Pay” Amount Using Words Or Numbers (W/N), indicate if you want the total amount on the check to print in words or numbers. Type W for words or N for numbers.

Step 15. Indicate if you want the memo line to print on the check. Type Y for yes or N for no.

Important:  PIN printing is no longer available in the program. Skip the last three fields pertaining to PIN printing.

Step 16. Click Print Sample to test the values. The sample will be sent to the printer selected in the Laser Printer For Checks field above.

Step 17. Check the printout. The first page of the test print prints lines and number. The second page is the copy of the check. This page looks like the actual check. Make any changes, and continue to print test and adjust the settings until everything lines up on the printout.

Step 18. Repeat steps 2 through 14 for each checking account.

Step 19. Click Back to return to the Disbursements menu. The system will save the values on the screen.


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