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Adding a Memo to a Journal

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From time to time, you may have a situation where you have to create a memo and append it to a given document number. Two possible scenarios would require you to add memos: if you need to explain an adjustment to a specific document or if you have to point out certain details in the journals.   Regardless of which scenario applies, it is easy to add memos to a document.

You will enter the memo as a General Journal entry.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. The Journal Entries menu will open. Click General - Purchases - Receipts. This will open the Journal Entries submenu.

Step 3. Click General to open the General Journal Entries screen. 

Step 4. Type the document number of the original document to which you are adding the memo. This will attach or insert the memo into the journal with the original document.

Step 5. The program will prompt you that the document number already exists in the journals. Click OK to continue.

Step 6. Type the journal number to which the memo must post.

Step 7. Type Memo as the general ledger account.

Step 8. The cursor automatically advances to the Description Use the field to enter the memo text. You may need to add multiple memo lines depending on the amount of text you need to enter for the memo. If desired, add description lines of asterisks (*) as the first and last lines in the memo to make the memo stand out.

Step 9. You will not be using any debits and credits for the memo. Simply save or post the entry when you are finished entering the memo.

Below is an example of what a memo looks like.


When you post the journals to the books, the result is a memo inserted into the journal as a reminder or side note to a transaction that may otherwise confuse users. You view the journals using the Scheduled Accounts menu. (See Chapter 6, Schedules & Documents, for information about how to view journals.) Remember, you can add a memo to any document. This is a useful way to help keep accurate records in your journals.




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