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Adding a New Trade

Autosoft -

Click Trade Information to review trade information for a deal or enter trade information using the Trade Information screen. The same screen opens when you are posting a vehicle sale with a trade associated with the sale. If you integrate with Autosoft DMS F&I, the trade information will already be in the system for you to review. If you do not integrate with Autosoft DMS F&I, you will have to manually enter the trade information.

As you work on the screen, use the Sales Entry button to open the Vehicle Sales screen and the History button to open the Customer History screen. The Vehicle Sales and Customer History screens will not automatically display information associated with the selected trade vehicle. The buttons simply allow you to maneuver through the screens without having to return to the Vehicle Sales menu.

To add a trade vehicle, follow these steps: 

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries.

Step 2. Click Vehicle Sales on the Journal Entries menu.

Step 3. The Vehicle Sales menu will open. Select Trade Information. The Trade Information screen will open.


Step 4. Enter the appropriate information in each field. You should assign stock numbers for trades so they can easily be identified as trade vehicles. Autosoft suggests using the stock number of the sale vehicle and adding an A to the end if the sale vehicle was new or B if the sale vehicle was used. 

Step 5. When you are finished, click Save to save the information. 



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