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Pulling Customer Detail

Autosoft -

You can pull detail from a customer’s account and use it to automatically post payments for invoices. This allows you to post a payment to a particular transaction line in the customer’s account.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Journal Entries

Step 2. On the Journal Entries menu, click General - Purchases - Receipts. The Journal Entries submenu will open.

Step 3. Select Cash Receipts. The Receipts Journal Entries screen will open.

Step 4. Type the Receipt Number and Receipt Amount.

Step 5. Enter the Customer Control.

Step 6. The bottom-left corner of the screen displays the customer’s account summary. Click Detail to view the account detail.


Step 7. The Account Detail screen displays a list of all of the transactions posted to the customer’s account. The To Apply field displays the receipt amount.

Step 8. Click transactions to select them for posting. The Selected Total field calculates the total of the selected lines.

Step 9. Click Accept List to accept the transaction lines.


Step 10. The system automatically posts the selected lines to the receipt. If you select transactions that exceed the receipt amount, the system warns you (Click OK to dismiss the warning.) and only posts the receipt amount to the customer’s account. If you select transactions that are less than the receipt amount, the Balance field indicates the remaining amount you need to apply.


Step 11. Save or post the entry.

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