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Responding to the Operator ID and Posting Date Prompt

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When you entered the Operating Parameters in the Accounting System Setup, you indicated if you wanted the system to prompt the operators for the Operator ID and date. If you selected “Y” for this parameter, the system prompts the operators every time they open the Journal Entries menu. Each operator must verify the ID and the posting date. The system uses the ID and date to post the journal entries.


If the operator needs to select a different ID, the operator can click the ID in the list of IDs. If you set passwords for the operator IDs, the system will prompt the operator to enter the password before it accepts the ID for this posting session. (See Chapter 11, Utilities, for instructions on setting passwords.) 


If an operator changes the posting date, the system keeps the new date for all subsequent postings (at least for that day). When the operator opens the Journal Entries menu and the posting date is different from the calendar date, the system prompts the operator to select which of the two dates the operator wants to use. The operator must click the posting date the system should use for the session. This will happen every time the operator opens the Journal Entries menu.



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