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Setting Daily Rental General Ledger Accounts

Autosoft -

If you will be using the Daily Auto Rental module, this button allows you to set the general ledger accounts used to post daily rentals. This information is automatically pulled when posting Integrated Daily Rental Entries.


Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Setup. The System Setup menu will open.

Step 2. From the System Setup menu, click Daily Rentals.

Step 3. In Rental Type, type the letter that corresponds to the rental type. Type O for other, R for rental, S for service, or W for warranty. You can also click the rental type in the list to the right of the field.

Step 4. In Journal, type the journal number used to post the rental information.

Step 5. In the Debits and Credits sections, type the general ledger account number used to post each item listed. The descriptions for the last two credit fields pull from the Daily Rental setup in the Daily Rental module.

Step 6. Use the Controls fields to identify the control numbers for each credit card your dealership accepts.

Step 7. Click Save to save the information.

Step 8. Click Exit to return to the System Setup menu.

Step 9. Click Exit to return to the Dealership Accounting menu.

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