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Adding a New Salesperson

Autosoft -

You can use the Salesman Information button on the Vehicle Sales Setup menu to enter salespeople into the system. If you integrate with Autosoft's FLEX F&I or Sales and F&I program, you must use the same salesman ID numbers used in the F&I application. Autosoft recommends using salesman code 01 or above for house deals. Leave 0 (zero) unassigned because the system uses 0 as the default ID number if the salesman number for a delivery has been left blank.


Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Setup. The System Setup menu will open. 

Step 2. Click Vehicle Sales to open the Vehicle Sales Setup menu. 

Step 3. Select Salesman Information .

Step 4. In Salesman Code, assign the salesperson a code. If you integrate with Autosoft FLEX F&I or Sales and F&I, you must use the same salesman ID numbers used in the F&I system.

Step 5. In Name, type the salesperson’s name.

Step 6. In SSN, type the salesperson’s social security number.

Step 7. In Position, type the code that corresponds to the employee’s position: NS for new sales, US for used sales, NM for new manager, or UM for used manager. These codes are listed next to the field. This information determines how information is pulled for reports.

Step 8. In Phone, type the salesperson’s phone number.

Step 9. Use the e-Mail field to record an e-mail address for this salesperson.

Step 10. The Showroom Traffic Password field is optional. Type the salesperson's password for the Showroom Traffic module. If a password is added for one salesperson, all users are prompted to enter their ID and password to enter Showroom traffic. If a salesperson doesn't have a password assigned on this screen, the salesperson must only enter his or her ID/salesman code to access the Showroom Traffic module.

Step 11. Click Save. The salesperson appears in the list on the right side of the screen.



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