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Adding a New Service Labor Sales Parameter

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Use the Service Labor Sales button on the Integrated Service Sales Posting Setup menu to set parameters used to post service and body shop repair orders to the general ledger. You will set parameters for customer pay, warranty, and internal sales.

To add a new service labor sales parameter:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Setup. The System Setup menu will open.

Step 2. Select Integrated Service Sales. The Integrated Service Sales Posting Setup menu will open. 


Step 3. Click Service Labor Sales.The Integrated Service Posting Parameters screen will open.


Step 4. Type the letter (S for service, B for body, C for contract, or Q for quick lube) and line number for the parameter set you are creating. This allows you to set different parameters for each franchise or make. You can enter up to nine lines for each repair type.

Important:  You must enter a complete set of parameters for S0 because this is the default parameter set if no other parameter set applies to a repair order.

When creating quick lube parameters, only create parameters for Q1. This is the only parameter the system will look for when a repair order is flagged Q. However, GM dealers must create a Q2 parameter for Commercial Fleet and Medium Duty trucks.

Step 5. Type the appropriate general ledger account or journal number in each of the remaining fields.

Step 6. Use the NVI Control field to specify if you want to control the NVI with the VIN (V) or repair order number (R). V is the default entry.

Step 7. In Customer Discounted Dealer Paid Tax Expense, type the account number for tax the dealership will pay for "free" discounted repairs. When discounts are created in the Service Writing module, you can flag that the dealer will pay the tax. The tax for these repairs will be updated to the account specified in this field.

Step 8. When you are finished, click Next to advance to the Service Parts Sales screen, which you will use to set parameters for posting service parts sales to the general ledger. You will set parameters for customer pay, warranty, and internal sales.


Tip:  The values 1 through 9 above each column at the bottom of the screen represent the nine inventory sources the Parts Department can define in the Parts Inventory module. Each number can represent a different inventory. For example, 1 could be for Chrysler parts, 2 for After Market, 3 for Tires, etc. Verify the inventory sources with the Parts Department.

Step 9. Type the Sale accounts used to post customer, warranty, and internal items to Parts, Accessories, and Other When you enter a Sale account, the corresponding Cost account automatically populates.

Step 10. Next, enter the general ledger accounts used to post Parts, Accessories, and Other inventory sales (tires, etc.) for each inventory source the Parts Department defined.

Step 11. If you have a body shop, type the account used to post body shop parts in Special Body Shop Parts Inventory. When body shop parts are added to a body shop repair order, the parts automatically post to this account during the repair order update at the end of the day.

Step 12. In Parts Customer Discount, type the account used to post customer discounts.

Step 13. Click Save to save the information. The system returns you to the Service Sales Posting Parameters screen so you can enter another parameter set.

Step 14. Repeat steps 2 through 11 for each parameter set you must add.

Step 15. When you have added all of the parameter sets, click Exit to return to the Integrated Service Sales Posting Setup menu.



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