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Running an Open Repair Order Report and Exception/Deviation Report

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Open Repair Order Report
When preparing for NADA Academy, it's helpful to run an open repair order report and exception/deviation report for a single day. 

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select Daily R/O Update

Step 2. Select Daily Reports/Pre-Writes from the Daily R/O Update menu. 

Step 3. Click List All Open Repair Orders.

Step 4. The system will prompt you to verify your printer is ready. Select To Printer to print a hard copy of the report, To Screen to view a PDF version of the report on screen, or Export to Excel to save the report and open it in Microsoft Excel. 

Step 5. Click Print. The system will run the report of all open repair orders. The report lists the R/O number, customer’s name, service date, and the cost and sale totals for parts and labor for each repair order. The bottom of the report lists the total cost and sale for parts and labor for all the repair orders on the report, the totals for the primary customer repair orders, and the number of open repair orders in the system.


Exception/Deviation Report
If you're attending NADA Academy, you will be asked to provide an exception/deviation report. While the FLEX DMS does not offer this report, per se, you can view any changes that have been made for a single-day period using the Previous Daily Summaries. To do this:

Step 1. From the Daily R/O Update menu, select Daily Reports/Pre-Writes.

Step 2. The Miscellaneous Daily Reports menu will open. Click Previous Daily Summaries.

Step 3. The Previous Daily Summaries pop-up will open listing the available updates if you updated more than once a day.

Step 4. Click the update you want to view from the pop-up list. The information will display on the screen.

Step 5. Print the information from the viewing screen as needed.


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