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Accessing Customer-Pay Repair Orders

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In preparation for NADA Academy, your dealership's Service Department may be asked to provide 50 customer-pay repair orders, in sequence, and from a recent period. While quick lube repair orders should be included, repair orders with only warranty and internal repairs must be excluded. 

The Autosoft DMS Service Writing module's Archived Repair Orders feature will provide the information you need. Each archived repair order will include the labor price for each operation, the flat rate time used to calculate the labor price, and the total labor cost for the repair order. 

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select Reports & Updates

Step 2. The Service Reports/Updates menu will open. Click R/O Archives

Step 3. Select Archive Repair Orders on the R/O Archives menu. 

Step 4. In the From and To fields, type the repair order numbers at which you would like to start and end the archive. All of the repair orders within the range will be archived. For the purpose of NADA Academy preparation, choose a recent set of closed repair order numbers. Select more than 50 repair orders so you are left with at least 50 customer-pay repair orders after excluding any warranty and internal repair orders that are included in the archive.

Step 5. Click OK when prompted to verify you want to archive the records. If any repair orders are missing within the sequence you selected, the system will prompt you with a message indicating the number of repair orders that are missing. Click OK to acknowledge the message.

Once you've archived the repair orders, you can view the archived report and highlight the repair orders that meet the requirements. To do this, follow these steps.

Step 1. While still on the R/O Archives menu, select View Archived Repair Orders

Step 2. The Archive List pop-up will open. Select an archived PDF file by clicking on its file name. The PDF archive report will open. 

Use this report to select five hard copy customer-pay repair orders that show the customer signature, actual time paid, the technician, time punches, and technician notes and make physical copies, front and back, of the repair orders.


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