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Obtaining the Total Number of New Vehicles Sold in the Last Five Years

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When preparing for NADA Academy, you may be asked to tally the total number of new vehicles sold by your dealership in the last five years, excluding fleet vehicles. You can easily find this information using Autosoft DMS.

Important:  You may not have access to the Autosoft DMS Dealership Accounting module and its Reports & DOCs feature. If this is the case, you must ask one of your Accounting Department users to run the report for you.

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Reports & DOCs.

Step 2. The Reports menu will open. Select Vehicle Sales. The Vehicle Sales Reports menu will open.

Step 3. Click Vehicle Sales

Step 4. The Vehicle Sales pop-up will open. Enter 00 or select All Salesmen from the drop-down list to print the sales for all your dealership's salespeople. Enter the five-year date range using the From and To fields. The To field will auto-populate with the current date. Change that if necessary. 

Step 5. When the system prompts you to verify that your printer is ready, select To Printer to send the report to your printer, or To Screen to view the report as a PDF on screen (you can print or save the report from your PDF viewer). 

Step 6. Click Print. The system may take some time to pull the data for the report. 

The report lists the sales by sales type (new vehicles, used vehicles, wholesale, etc.) Review the report and collect the number of new, non-fleet vehicles sold. 


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